What’s with NINTENDO?

The year 2017 was a year of commotion of the NINTENDO brand with the arrival of its Wii Switch console, it has come to recover all its players fans, that thanks to the little grace that presented its previous console Wii U, they had disappeared little a little.

Since the launch of the Wii sport console, which caused a furor among video game players, it was not so successful. In 2017 NINTENDO has managed to get attention again. It seems incredible how he could integrate his new console with controls with a project of traditional games, which come to improve the motor skills of the youngest ones and bring out the inner child of any adult with Labo toys.

This continues flashing so far this year 2018, its most loyal fans are still waiting for other versions of the toy Labo and see what surprises them. The element of surprise is what attracts most players. Their products continue to keep the essence of the company from the earliest creators, hopefully their success will not be extinguished and the addiction for their games will not be extinguished.

Curiosities with the Switch console

One of the main curiosities with the launch of this console is the success it has achieved in a year. This console of living room and of street has surpassed to Wii because I achieve in only one year what the other reached in four years.

He has hooked his followers with games like The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, with sales that has passed 7 million. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, with top sale, Splatoon 2, more than 4.91 million points. Super Mario Odyssey, the favorite of his followers.

Did you know that for this version the game cartridges are sprayed with an additive that tastes very bad? This thought for the smallest of the house that can try to take the mouth, but thanks to this ingenuity they will want to immediately discard it from his mouth preventing him from being swallowed by its tiny size.

What happened to Labo?

While others sell consoles with advanced technical characteristics, NINTENDO sells cardboard, although with extreme technology. At first it was a shock, to perceive that it was just cardboard boxes the novelty in its launch.

But after opening our mind, it has captivated us and made us think of our childhood as adults. In the same way, I have managed to awaken the curiosity of many players to be able to put together these pieces and have new experiences. For those who still do not know the project allows Labo to assemble cardboard sheet and turn them into technological toys with the incorporation of the Switch console.

World presence

NINTENDO is the only brand that being exclusive to video games remains on the list of the most popular in the world. Their main competences are in previous positions but it must be considered that they cover other sectors. Its worldwide recognition has been due to the launch of its Wii console and its new rebirth.