Make friends in NINTENDO SWITCH

Having a Nintendo console is an addiction, you do not have to interact with anyone else to entertain you, but obviously the competition between friends makes the game more intense, but as we can add more friends to our console.

If you are older there is no problem, but if you are a minor, it is better to consult with your parents whom you are going to include to play your favorite games, remember that it is better to have relationships with children of age than adults are better Among adults, they are not as fun as children of the same age.

Every time you play for a long time, remember that exposing yourself to the game may damage your vision and muscles, have self-control and manage your time, even if you are a child, you must do so. To play! This is very simple to do. There are three ways to add friends to your game, locally, in previous games or by sending or receiving a unique key.

 Do not leave your console out there, remember that thieves are everywhere, staying without your console is torture. Ask your parents where it is a safe place to keep it while you are not using it. At home, locksmiths can fit in a cabinet so that your brother can not touch it, locksmiths have locks, trunks or strong locks for your room and keep your jewel away from the humanity of others.

Local communication

Local communication is just that the console detects the proximity of another friendly console, this method is very quick to start playing. Do not forget to configure the Nintendo switch console settings to accept another type of friend request. The procedure is very similar to the previous consoles.

Of course if you had a previous console you know what I’m talking about, for the new nintendo players you can get it in the gear icon, which is next to the control icon and the shutdown icon. This is basically what local communication means, the consoles that are nearby, you do not need the internet.

Old friends

When you have played against other users of Nintendo consoles, your data is saved, when you have an Internet connection you can send them a solitude of those saved games. That is, friendship is not lost unless you eliminate it from the device.

Friends password

This key is a combination of 12 digits, in your profile you can see the friend key that has been assigned to you to tell your friend, or vice versa this can give you your password and add you to your friends list.

Share fun moments with your console friends, but do not forget that you can also make great friends by sharing a ball game a breakfast or a fun movie.

The use of the console is very simple, if you are a new user of NINTENDO Switch, you should not worry about anything, there is a lot of information about the uses and the fans of the consoles will not leave you alone, they are many.