The promise of something more than Smartphone

The promises of a Smartphone coming from the NINTENDO organization kept the attention of fans of the brand’s games for all this time. Many digress in what they want and what they can achieve from a merger between NINTENDO and the creators of the Android operating system.

Our imagination can fly at the same time as other fans, to have the possibility of playing the most addictive games of the brand in one device, having our contacts and using all the possibilities of a market is an advantage without equal.

The consoles of NINTENDO can already be good distractions of the activities of a person for the quality of the equipment and how well you develop video games, now adding to the requirements of a smartphone we will be submerged to your technology, however, you must emphasize the requirements they must have so they do not die in the attempt.

Long battery life

One of the main reasons for disappointing us of electronic equipment is that its battery is finished when we need it most and this is a problem that still have the main smartphones.

That the battery is finished is not bad as it is assured, because it is supposed that in some way it makes us have a high! in the manipulation of the equipment, which is very likely to happen that we immerse ourselves for a long time.

The assumptions usually appear and the estimates of what the smartphone of the brand should be also. Everyone can dream of something, from the basic keys of the console such as the cross and the A and B keys. But far from what we want, how accessible can it be?

Classic games available

The memory of the team is another of the doubts regarding the quality of the equipment, how many games it will be able to host and how the phone will react if it receives a call when it is in full play. This is a strong limitation in terms of the records, they can be stopped and ask for the energy of the game.

The use of these smartphones by children could be counterproductive if you do not have effective parental controls. Adults responsible for children must have technological tools for control or it will become a new headache combined with power.

Parental control and consumer alert

Not only children, adults and total consumers of NINTENDO platforms need consumption alerts and parental control to avoid illnesses due to excessive use of the devices.

In other models of consoles that have come on the market these tools are available, we will expect improvements in security and protection issues and deliver the pleasure of a game in this range.

The connection to the Internet is always indispensable and addictive, at the time of updating and using the download center improvements are required. We continue requesting that the house surprises us with something new and more than spectacular that until hour.