The Legacy of Nintendo

This brand over time has generated passion and deserves each of its fans for products that have been designed to entertain their public, always with a marked wit and innovation well above its competition.

What has been settled in the world was the impetus to face the market and overcome the situation that unbalanced their businesses, taking them forward successfully, with the family intervention that was passed from generation to generation from the year 1889 to our times, and The remaining.

The first steps of the brand

He did not always sell videogames, but he always focused on entertainment, that was the legacy that Fusajiro Yamauchi founded, making life more entertaining for mortals with games and making money with it. Do with passion any business that is undertaken, involve the family and transmit that passion so that it lasts through the years.

The locksmith has suffered falls similar to those suffered by Nintendo at different times, but have been able to face, to maintain the good name of the locksmiths in general before their customers. This trade must have a good reputation, but when this industry refers to the safety of people that is a basic need of the human being.

Family passion for the business

As it was said the creator of the company was called Fusajiro Yamauchi, that would almost fulfill the Nintendo 130 years. It looks awesome? Well, if it’s true, it all started with Fusajiro’s talent in making Japanese card cards, handmade on paper and with much of his artistic talent imbued in each one.

When Fusajiro noticed the progress of his company, he worried about the succession to see that he did not have a male child who inherited it. Case to his daughter Tei with Sekiryo Kaneda, who became director of the company.

They also had no sons, repeating the decision to marry their daughter, with an artist employee who made letters. It was his daughter Kimi who married Shikanojo Inaba, brought the world to Hiroshi, and then disappeared from their lives.

Then Hiroshi marries Michiko Inaba who came from a wealthy family and injected capital to the company that was very favorable for Nintendo, in 1949 this became the third director forced by the illness of his grandfather. Also they are handled names like Satoru Iwata, that was the first director without no relation with the family.

Responsibility of your competition

In the midst of seeking commercial allies Nintendo project the incorporation of optical disc players with Sony, which could not be determined by feeling that they had to give away many rights of the company, so it was with Phillips in search of better proposals. Sony was offended accusing him of negotiating behind his back and launches the well-known PlayStation that is considered his competition. They could be allies in the past, today they are great rivals.